Announcement: Leadership Transition


Tailored Technology Services Inc. Announces Leadership Transition of Founding Partner Zachary Hart and His Continued Board Involvement 

Irvine, CA — May 6, 2024 — Tailored Technology Services Inc., a leader in managed IT services, today announced a significant transition within its leadership team. Zachary Hart, a founding partner who has played a critical role in the company’s journey to success since its inception in 2014, will be stepping down from his day-to-day operational duties to start a new endeavor. Zach’s transition will be effective February 1, 2024, but he will maintain his influence and involvement with Tailored Technology Services Inc. as a member of the board of directors. 

Since the inception of Tailored Technology Services Inc. in 2014, Zach has been the driving force for the company to achieve important milestones and solidify its status as a key player in the managed IT services industry. His unwavering optimism along with his deep desire to make IT enjoyable has left an indelible mark on Tailored Technology Services and its customers. Zach has instilled a legacy of integrity, camaraderie, and an ambitious commitment to serve. 

“Moving to Zest MSP presents a thrilling new challenge and opportunity for me. I am immensely proud of what we’ve built at Tailored Technology Services Inc. and look forward to continuing to contribute to its success from a strategic level as a board member,” said Zach Hart, regarding his transition and ongoing involvement with the company. 

Matthew Quinn, current president of Tailored Technology Services, said, “The impact Zach has made here at Tailored Tech is truly immeasurable. As both a business partner and a friend, I have been fortunate to witness his genuine care for those around him and his unwavering optimism, even in the most challenging times. His accomplishments and influence on our company are nothing short of remarkable, and I am confident that his legacy will continue through his role on the board. While I will deeply miss our daily collaboration, I am excited to see the great things he will achieve, and I wish him the very best.” 

Matt Fager, current CTO commented, “Zach and I quickly became close friends upon our first meeting. There was something undeniably special about him – his can-do attitude and infectious optimism made even the toughest days feel more manageable. So, when he invited me to join Tailored Technology Services, it was an easy decision. Working alongside my friend allowed me to witness firsthand how his attitude and work ethic contributed to the growth of what started as a mere side project into a thriving IT services business. 

Even as Zach transitions into his new role as a board member of Tailored Tech, his influence on our company and team will be everlasting. While I’ll miss the daily collaboration with my friend, I’m eager to see how he’ll impact other companies, and I’m grateful that his influence will persist through his board position and his continued support for Tailored Tech. 

From the very beginning, Zach embraced our mission to make IT enjoyable. We’re excited to carry on that mission, knowing that it not only benefits our employees and their families but also the customers we’re privileged to serve.” 

We thank Zach profoundly for his work at Tailored Technology Services Inc. and for his critical role in its success. We look forward to his continued influence as a board member, guiding Tailored Technology Services Inc. toward future growth and innovation in managed IT services. His new journey carries our best wishes for continued excellence. 

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