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Making the switch to Tailored Technology Services isn't just about getting quicker response times, and a bit more business acumen from your IT provider. It's not about ironing out what seems like basic business fundamentals after outgrowing your previous vendor, it's about making the switch to the right IT partner.  

We know that switching IT vendors is a tremendous pain and it's a decision that needs to be carefully considered because you don't want to do it again. As a fast growing company, your organization needs a partner that's not only going to take care of the basics with a little bit more speed and polish, but also provide strategic leadership and guidance to help you plan for and handle the execution requirements that come with a fast changing organization.

On top of that you need a partner that's going to bring positive energy and help add to the culture of your organization, not be the source of negativity your employees complain about after every support call.  

Tailored Technology Services is ready to meet those needs and exceed your expectations for what IT support can be.  

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Boost Your Employee Productivity And Satisfaction

Get An Estimated 15% Productivity Boost

IT issues can plague growing organizations and lead to a lot of employee dissatisfaction, demotivation, and loss in productivity. It's the simple things like not being able to print, slow internet speeds, middle of the day application updates that require a restart, and one of another thousand cuts that employees just learn how to accept as "the way things are". That doesn't mean that's how they have to be. Tailored Tech's proactive approach to IT nets our clients an estimated 15% productivity gain by eliminating these disruptions that immature IT vendors tend to overlook.

Provocatively Delivered
Cyber Awareness Training

We Teach Your Employees To Spot A Phishing Attack

Another common area we see as a productivity drain is in email security. Phishing attacks are on the rise and each email can't be a company wide diagnosis exercise. We teach your employees how to spot a phishing email, how to react to it when spotted, and then verify that training is working by conducting regular tests.

  • Is This A Phishing Email?
  • Can I Click This Link?
  • Should I Forward This?
  • Who Do I Contact?
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Strategic IT Leadership With
IT Forecasting, Budgeting, And Asset Management

We Help Your Management Team, Manage IT

Once we've helped restore productivity to your employees by proactively addressing IT basics, we start to help your management team manage IT spend. We work with you to understand purchasing needs, make favorable procurement choices, and develop lifecycle plans for your company's computing devices.

We Help Your Organization's Vision Become A Reality Through Positive IT Experiences

Adding To Culture Of Your Organization

At Tailored Tech we bring our California grown positive energies to Nashville and beyond. We take pride in creating positive experiences with IT that add to the culture of your organization not detract from it. Something every fast growing company needs.

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The Team At Tailored Technology Services Is Ready To Serve You

Give us a call and learn more about how our team of techs is shaking things up in the IT space by bringing positive experiences to our clients and their employees.
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"They’re easy to talk to and communicate with, and they’re always on top of everything!"

"I haven’t heard negative feedback about their work or interactions with my team; it’s always exceedingly positive."

"The quality is well-done despite being in a tight labor market with scarce supply chains."

"The team is extremely responsive and follows up to make sure the issue has been resolved."

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